Transcribing Dolarhyde’s Ledger

2016-04-11 21.09.07

(This is what it looks like when a Fannibal is more comfortable using scissors, tape and colored markers than using Photoshop or other new-fangled technology.)

Pages: One, Two, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 [more links forthcoming]

During my visit to Prop Store to tour the Hannibal: The Complete Series Auction, I took 83 photos of Dolarhyde’s ledger with the plan to transcribe the writing within.

Knowing that Bryan Fuller works to imbue all aspects of Hannibal with meaning, I expected The Ledger to hold some answers or to introduce new questions.  As I have only made my way through two of the eight pages, I can’t state definitively that it does.  I can say that I have been surprised by some of the thoughts contained within and I feel that it is a glorious complement to Richard Armitage’s portrayal of Dolarhyde.

The process began well, the handwriting was bad but not illegible.  I was enthusiastic and optimistic.  As the author became more tired (or bored or anxious or desperate) the handwriting became more illegible.  I also became more tired (or bored or anxious or desperate).  I did a pretty great job, if I do say so myself, but there are phrases and words that remain a mystery.  I have enumerated these “puzzles” and displayed them below each transcript.  Please leave your solutions to these puzzles in the comments.  We can figure it out together!

I present these pages without commentary.  I have many many thoughts about what is written in The Ledger, but I don’t want to take up space with my thoughts in the same posts as the transcripts.  Said thoughts may or may not appear in future posts.

I debated about whether or not to capitalize and punctuate the transcript as it is/isn’t done in the original.  I have tried to retain both as much as possible.  The handwriting is such that it is impossible to tell capitalization with letters like “w/W” and “t/T.”  There are no paragraph breaks in The Ledger.  The only breaks in the text happen around photographs pasted on the pages.  I have indicated those breaks as much as possible.

I’ve done my very best.  I hope it adds to your Hannibal experience.


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